Friday, June 1, 2012

Koreans victims of foreigners?

This documentary video by MBC went viraaaal on internet, and foreign residents in Korea, are, and I am being very easy with the word, ANGRY!

What do you think? Is this all the fault of foreigners? Or those Korean girls are the ones to blame?

I personally think any kind of generalization is an extremely dangerous and useless thing. Not that all foreigners are like the ones in the video, or that all Korean girls are as described. Let's just hope MBC does apologize for this huge arrogance, that is spreading all over the internet now.


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  2. Why is that. I guess it's themselves who are to be blamed. No one else.

  3. There is no more this video now - would like to watch.

    But really everything depends on people, bad or good situation may happen with any nation representative at home or abroad. I don't think that multicultural relations bring something bad itself, mostly all is on people's behavior.

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