Friday, March 9, 2012

Чудесный блог, aka "An awesome blog award"

Everyone of my dear people knows how much effort I have been putting into this blog trying to share the information about Korea and related topics to all the people for whom it might be useful. As much pleasant this hobby has been, it also has been taking lots of my spare time. Lots of events have happened in my life in the past few months, leaving me no time for my writing: I've graduated (finally!), got an awesome job that I am in love with, moved to another city (sooo close to Seoul now!!Yahooo party on weekends!!) and so on. Now that I have stabilized my life - I am happy to say I am back on track into writing again. Although I have been gone for some time, it was a lovely surprise to be greeted back with this awesome Чудесный блог, aka "An awesome blog award" from my new blog-colleague - Gulnoz, who runs this very interesting blog "Блог о странах" about Korea. I have come across her blog a while ago - and for the many similarities (she is also from Uzbekistan and is also currently living in Korea) - I have been very fond of her blog and revisited a whole lot of times.

For English-Korean language blogs
Для русскоязычных блогов
Thank you, Gulnoz for the award!~ It's a great honor! And, since it is the International Women's Day (March, 8th), following the example of my predecessor, I will grant this award to our lovely blogger-ladies! Here we come: 

I would like to give this award to my dearest ladies from our Worldwide Korea Bloggers program Suzy of A Seoulful Life, Alex of The Adventure Blog about Korea and Anne of KimchiSoul. We've been to great programs together with them and had our awesome trip to Jeju island last October. It's very nice to have an array of friends, who are so different in what they do, personalities and interests - but all have a passion for blogging. When we go for dinner together, it's like a ritual to take out your camera and photograph every single dish on the table before you even touch it to eat. Try doing that among your non-blogger friends - you will get scolded right away for keeping them from the food!

Next, I would like to give the award to Lidiya of "Есть только миг между прошлым и будущим". She runs a lovely blog about the daily life, about her family, and I just love her poems on the site, as they say in Russian - "о тонком" (about fragile matters). 

I would also like to congratulate Elena of "Книжкин Дом" with this award. I find so many useful things and interesting readings from her blog. I especially recommend the blog to those who needs links to the works of Russian classic and modern literature.

Elle from InsideOutElle has a lovely blog about beauty and fashion. I love the quote of her saying that as "true beauty comes from inside", at the same time it can be reflected through means of make up and personal style. You can get lots of tips about how to style on her blog, that I found extremely useful.

Speaking about fashion blogs, an awesome blog of Peach from my almamater (Go KAIST!) at AsianBeautyBlog. Now imagine, that this fragile beautiful girl is studying... wait for it: Aerospace Engineering! And if you are living in Korea - she has very useful tips using Korean make up and also great outfits of local stores. 

And of course, this awesome beauty & fashion blog by Jen. I just looove her Kpop tutorials!

Tammy of KoreafornianCooking just makes my mouth water. All that great food , that not only you can eat at a local place - but also make yourself! An interesting fact about the blog is that the posts are not usually the 'I went there, I ate this'. The blog contains so much information about history and other related contents of the food. Yummy!!

Last, but not least, Daria from Russia has another interesting blog about Korea. Her topics vary from the Kmovies to tours around the cities of Korea. She as well is a member of WKB program, and although I have not gotten a chance to meet her in life - it is always a pleasure to read her blogs.

And now,,,
it is your turn to get this awesome award of yours and celebrate!

 So, the rules go as following:

1. To thank the person who granted you this award
2. In your blog post, place a link to the person who gave you the award
3. Place the logo of the award in your blogpost
4. Give this award to 10 fellow bloggers and add the links to their blogs
5. Send comments to the nominated people about their awards
6. Write 7 facts about yourself

Правила получения награды:
1. Поблагодарить назначившего награду.
2. Разместить в своем блоге ссылку на блог лица, назначившего награду.
3. Разместить в своем блоге логотип награды.
4. Назначить награду 10 блогам  и добавить ссылки на них.
5. Отправить комментарии номинантам об их награде.
6. Написать 7 вещей о себе. 

Here are the 7 facts about me:
- I am born in the year of dragon! So, this 2012 year is my year!
- I love 2NE1!
- I have many times been mistaken for a Korean, but I AM NOT KOREAN :)
- My bed sheets are blue! (It is a common concept in Korea for girls to have everything in pink and boys everything in blue. I refuse to follow that, as my favorite color since the time I remember myself - has always been blue!)
- I have never believed in the idea of diet... But... for the past several weeks, I am only eating fruits or vegetable for dinner and it has been showing results :) Getting ready for Philippines in a couple of weeks!
- I absolutely adore cute post-its and have a huge collection of them.
- My favorite place in Korea is Nami island.

Congratulations to all the award-winners!! I am looking forward to your posts!!! And finally, Happy Women's Day!


  1. Thanks huge, Eleonora! Where you vanished so long? My big smile for you.:)

  2. Thank you Eleonora :)
    Happy Woman day
    Keep up the wonderful blog

  3. Thanks for the compliments! :) FYI, God willing, I'm going to be filming a cooking video this weekend--the first one I've filmed in more than a year. I don't want to give away the topic of the video but I think you'll enjoy it very much.

    1. Awesome!! Please, let us know the link!!

  4. Thank you, Eleonora!!!
    I like your blog too!!

  5. Congratulations on your graduation from KAIST and finding a good job in a city near Seoul. I know you were an intern for Samsung, so I wonder if you settled down in Samsung as a full-time member of Samsung family.

    As for your diet, I gave up my diet to lose weight, instead, I turned to treadmill and I walk on the treadmill 70-90 minutes every day for 365 days a year. I have walked 3 years without missing a day and I could maintain a desirable weight(I lost 25 pound in the first 3 months) even though I always eat as much as I want and whatever I like including ice cream, cheese cake, cinnamon rolls, orange or apple juice, daily pork or beef. For my regular treadmill walking, I set up treadmill at home, which allows me to walk even late night and saves a lot of time for driving.

  6. Thank you ^_^! I'm really glad you find my ramblings useful. I've been visiting your blog for awhile now and I appreciate the time you take to write about very practical things most people never bother to describe (like how to mail packages in Korea). Now that's useful to know!

    Congrats on the award btw~!

  7. Элеонора, желаю вашему блогу еще большей известности и процветания. То, что много сил в него вложено, как раз говорит о его необходимости, ведь, если "звезды зажигают, значит это кому-то нужно".

    Порадовала фраза "When we go for dinner together, it's like a ritual to take out your camera and photograph" - профессиональное отличие блоггоголика :))

  8. happy to visit here
    nice april day
    from Turkey

  9. It feels great to be recognized by what you loved to do. I know the feeling.


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