Friday, April 22, 2011

Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011!

There has been a rank of Korea's Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011 on a TV programme aired by channel Y-Star. The audience, who are all people living in Korea, were able to vote for their favorite men. Interesting result is that Korean male actors came in before the singers and idols :)

Here is the list:
4. Jo In Sung
5. Gong Yoo
6. Go Soo
7. So Ji Sub
8. Nichkhun (2PM)
9. Song Joong Ki
10. Jung Woo Sung
11. Jang Dong Gun
12. Lee Seung Gi
13. Yoo Seung Ho
14. Kim Hyun Joong
15. Lee Sun Gyun
16. Song Seung Hun
17. Chun Jung Myung
18. Park Hae Il
19.Big Bang TOP
20. Yoo Ah In
21. Jung Yong Hwa
22. Cha Seung Won
23. Lee Min Ho
24. Kim Nam Gil
25. Kim Bum
26. Rain
27. Lee Jung Jin
28. Park Yoochun
29. Jang Geun Suk
30. Lee Ki Kwang
31. Choi Si Won
32. Kim Jae Wook
33. Lee Byung Hun
34. Ji Hyun Woo
35. Jang Hyuk
36. Yoon Sang Hyun
37. Minho (SHINee)
38. Eric
39. Kwon Sang Woo
40. Cha Tae Hyun
41. Jo Kwon
42. Oh Ji Ho
43. Shin Ha Gyun
44. Yoo Ji Tae
45. Jung Jun Ho
46. Bae Yong Joon
47. Lee Jun Ki
48. Cha In Pyo
49. Kim Hee Chul
50. Choi Min Soo

Honestly, I do not know all of them :) But I do agree with number 1 (definitely!!!), # 2, # 3. I think Minho from SHINee should've come much earlier than 37. Come on, he is more handsome than Nickhun!! It is sad to see Rain as far as 26... He used to be number one.... Bae Yong Joon being almost at the end is a sign he is getting too old ;) Kim Bum...... He should appear more often in TV and dramas (except his Bonjuk commercial), I had almost forgotten him...

How about you? Who do you think is left out of the list? Who should be higher ranked and who does not deserve the current position?


  1. woot woot !please ! Kim Heechul should come much earlier than 49 !! yeah i agreed with U,, Minho is handsome than nickhun !! haha, but where is Donghae o_0 ?? aarghh. =='

  2. Any list that doesn't have Bae Yong Joon in the top 10 is not worth listening too. I think both Rain and BYJ's lower ranking has more to do with the fact that they haven't done much in the public eye lately.

  3. I agree with Peach .. Nichkhun should be #1 .. though he's not actually Korean!!!! :P .. and second TOP, third Won Bin. :P

  4. Kim's just too sad... :(

  5. Tamar, you 're right about BYJ and Rain. This list is constructed by public opinion, and of course the aurdience have seen lots of Hyunbin and Wonbin (from Secret Garden and ADjushi), thus they got in the top... whereas BYJ and Rain havent really been in the public eye for quite a long.... I loved Rain in the FUll House!!! I wanna see him more in that kind of roles....

  6. @Peach & Luci: Noooooooo!!!! MInho! Minho!!! (you can hear me cheering right?) Minho!!! :P

  7. @Ella: Khun! KHUN! Our Khunnieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! (let's see which one of us can cheer louder :D )

  8. @Ella: Khun! KHUN! Our Khunnieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  9. Minho!!! Minhoya saranghe!!! ^^*

  10. Kim Nam Gil and Jung Young Hwa are the most handsome!

  11. kim hyun joong should have been first then bae yong joon then lee jun ki then lee min ho then kim joon then kim bum then minho etc. kim hyun joong is just the best love u KHJ from kenya;]


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