Saturday, December 29, 2012

Paik Nam June: father of video art

Paik Nam June (source)
One of the many people I admire is the father of video art - Paik Nam June. Media art, embodying video art and other forms of contemporary art can dazzle a person. Some may not understand the essence of the various motions, that resembles a new version of avant garde, but there are a few of us who do appreciate the weird and craziness and all the imagination that many of these artworks push to.

The beginning of video art is said to be when Paik Nam June used his new Sony Portapak to shoot a footage of Pope Paul VI's procession through New York CIty in autumn of 1965. That same day, across town in a Greenwich Village cafe, Nam June played the tapes and video art was born. Other video artists, who followed Paik Nam June are Fred Forest, Andy Warhol, Wolf Vostell and many others.

Many of Paik Nam June's works are now displayed at the Paik Nam June art center, which I highly recommend to visit. The center contains a collection of his art works and also archives of the videos in the past. Paik Nam June's contributions to the development of contemporary art are uncountable. Nam June Paik's unique usage of visual images represented an awareness of the merging of technology and human spirit. He is credited with an early usage (1974) of the term "super highway" in application to telecommunications. His art works decorate many capitals and cities in the world.



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